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Turn yourself into a hyper efficient savage and break through to the next level of your entrepreneurial journey faster than you ever thought possible.


*Tired of getting to the end of the day wondering where the time went? 
*Spending more time putting out fires than starting new ones?
*Frustrated you can't get ahead for all the catching up from behind?


The Do Zone DNA Profile is designed to show you exactly how to operate in your most productive state by uncovering and leveraging hidden character traits you probably didn't even know you had. 

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Who is the Do Zone DNA Profile Assessment for?

For Entrepreneurs

Learn how to launch new projects with ease, and in record time.
  • Set up the optimal productive environment that matches your concentration style, so you can steer clear of progress killing distractions.
  • ​Develop the timeline that matches your preferred pace, so you can march forward at the velocity that works best for you.
  • ​​Build the right team and fill the right roles, so you can leverage the collective genius around you to accomplish amazing things quickly without having to jump down a million rabbit holes on your own.

For Business Owners and Employers

Learn how to increase the production of your business and have a positive impact on revenue and profit growth without touching sales or marketing
  • Build a work place environment that facilitates optimal performance for each and every employee, so you can maximize production and minimize wasted time and payroll.
  • ​Discover how your business actually solves problems for its customers and clients, so you can serve them better and more efficiently, and build new, highly profitable products for them.
  • ​Set agendas, targets, and deadlines that work for you and your employees, so you can all move forward at the correct pace, not just “as fast as we can.”
  • ​​Understand your specific role as a leader AND member of your team, so you can empower your employees to help you build your business to massive success.

For Employees and Teams

Learn how to get more done in less time which will lead to an increased value of production and more income for you.
  • Build a workspace that accommodates how you like to work, so you can enjoy what you do and maximize your productive energy.
  • Discover your creative powers and how your brain works in productive mode, so you can spend more time performing tasks you love and less time on the ones that stress you out.
  • Determine how you like to work with relation to time, so you can stop feeling guilty for being a “last minute procrastinator” or for being “too thorough” and instead build a healthy environment that matches your pace.
  • ​Understand your role as part of a larger team, so you can build confidence by claiming ownership of certain projects and roles within the company.

For Coaches and Masterminds

Help your students and clients get clarity on how they operate, so they can stay focused on the big picture of your program.
  • Facilitate a productive environment for each participant in your programs, so they can get more done in less time, and thank YOU for it.
  • Discuss new concepts related to time management and productivity and how they can apply to what you are teaching.
  • Transform how your group thinks, acts, and believes about the value of their time and the world they build around them.

Have a team you’re looking to get operating at peak levels of productivity?

We LOVE working with teams!

The Do Zone DNA Profile fosters an environment of electric energy with your team, helping every team member in every role is cranking on all cylinders and your business is reaching new heights. Your team will become an unstoppable juggernaut of productivity.

*Special discounts and incentives available for groups and teams of 10 or more.

Develop a complete understanding of HOW you personally get stuff done...and how you don't.

  • Get more done in less time!
  • Create and execute your plan for optimal productivity.
  • ​Identify opportunities for leverage and growth
  • Determine personal strengths and weaknesses related to productivity
  • Uncover and maximize your highest level skills and talents. 

It isn’t about teaching you something new... 
It’s about discovering who you already are.

For only $37.

The 4 areas of assessment for your Do Zone DNA Profile:


How long do you take to get things done?

Do you like to start early and take your sweet time, stopping to smell the roses along the way? Or are you a last minute crammer, constantly accused of “procrastinating”? The Do Zone DNA will help place you on the spectrum for how sensitive you are to time pressure. 

Your Time DNA report will assist you in understanding how to build a plan that embraces these time tendencies rather than shun or eliminate them.


Do you keep your place tidy, or is it a mess?

Surprisingly, neither one of those situations is necessarily good or bad for your productivity. What matters is that you embrace what works and avoid what doesn’t. The Do Zone DNA shows you how your environment affects your ability to execute.

Your Ambience DNA report will help you design the work space that fits your inherent preferences, no matter how outside of the “norm” they may look for others.


Build a team…or don’t.

Either way, the Do Zone DNA shows you multiple ways to leverage other people’s efforts for successful outcomes, or how to maximize your productivity solo if that’s your thing. The primary variable here is you and how you tend to get more things done.

Your Personnel DNA report will show you how you interact with others, what you prefer and how to avoid team environments that are potentially counterproductive for you.


Do you follow the rules or make them? Or do you just break them?

The Do Zone DNA will tell you if rules and structure are a good thing for you, or an unnecessary hindrance. Not all rules should be followed all the time, and not all people should always follow rules.

Your Execution DNA report will provide you the necessary ammo to know when you should be sticking to the script, and when you should be writing it yourself.

Facts about the 4 elements:

  • 81 unique variations encompassing a variety of DNA Profiles
  • ~1% chance you and someone else you know have the same profile
  • More than one year in development for this assessment

The 3 Character Archetypes:

The Trailblazer:

Slashing through the untamed jungle armed with nothing but a machete and an unlimited supply of self-confidence, the trailblazer leads from the front.

The Explorer

Somewhere in the fray, the explorer is testing the maps and trails in search of new pathways for later discovery.

The Cartographer

Back at base camp, the cartographer is surveying the land to form the clearest possible snapshot of their world, to make sure all twists and turns are accounted for.

Facts about the character archetypes:

  • Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons
  • Each was chosen carefully for an even balance of skill and need
  • ​Almost every single person on earth will fit into one of these

Most importantly, no journey can truly be completed alone. Trailblazers need cartographers. Cartographers need explorers. Explorers need Trailblazers. Everyone is interconnected and interdependent.

So let the Do Zone DNA be your guiding light...

Offer the Do Zone DNA to your mastermind, company, or networking group!

We offer custom packages, partnerships, and incentives for those interested in leveraging the Do Zone DNA within their community in order to help more people get more stuff done.

There are lots of ways for us to work together on this, but here’s one key point worth making…

**We provide top tier training, support, and assistance on the topics of productivity, time management, business fundamentals, sales and marketing to your ENTIRE member-base COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.**

If you host, own, or control a group of 100 or more entrepreneurs, business owners, or employees, and you think they could benefit from getting more stuff done in less time, let’s talk.

If you have a mastermind, networking group, large company, or an online or in-person community of any kind, let’s talk.

One time fee
  • Do Zone DNA Assessment
  • ​Results Summary Overview
  • ​Avatar Badge for social sharing
  • ​Detailed Customized PDF specific to your DNA
  • ​Individualized recommendations for optimizing your production
  • ​Video walkthrough of your unique archetype

Here's what to do now:

1. Enroll in the Do Zone DNA Profile
2. Take your test
3. Review your results
4. Implement the suggestions
5. Dominate this year by 10x'ing your productivity

For only $37.

For Teams of 10+

Got a team?
Want a discount?
Love sweet deals?

Let’s make it happen.

Purchase a minimum of 10 Do Zone DNA Profile Assessments for your team and get a cool 25% discount and in just 30 minutes, you and your team will have all the tools and insights.

Plus your assessment is FREE!
Each member of your team, including you, receives all the benefits, including:
  • Do Zone DNA Assessment
  • ​Avatar Badge for social sharing
  • ​Customized PDF report for your DNA
  • ​Individualized recommendations for optimizing your productivity
  • ​Video walkthrough of your unique archetype
And since you're bringing your team with you, I'm going to step it up a notch...

For Groups

Do you run a group, mastermind, or community that caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners?

Partner up with us and we will your community 10x their productivity quickly so they can maximize the value of their time and get more stuff done.

And they’ll have YOU to thank for it.

We’ll provide a Do Zone DNA Profile Assessment to every member of your community and a free group training session on our proven strategies, co-led by you! Don’t worry, we’ll prep you for this and make you look like a rock star!

In addition, we will offer 1-on-1 implementation support for everyone who takes the assessment so that no one is left unsure how to interpret and apply their customized results to their unique situations.

To reiterate, we will work with every member of your group individually, free of charge.
Benefits of engaging your group:
  • Every member gets an assessment
  • ​Free training session with your group
  • ​1-on-1 support for every member
We work with groups of all sizes. Whether it’s a facebook group, a mastermind, a local networking group, or something else entirely, as long as the focus is on business and entrepreneurship, we should talk.
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